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It is the Indian Law which runs the country, else there had been anarchy everywhere. Two major victories which we saw was pavement of Construction of Temple in Ayodhya and making Digital Currency Legal in India. We have a small team of lawyers based mostly in Jharkhand and Delhi, though we arrange Lawyers all across India. We help in Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Divorce Settlement, Labour Cases, Corporate Frauds and almost all cases you could think of. Our charge to book a lawyer for you is Rupees 499, which you can pay through details in contact section.

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  • "Lawyers and Legal Help"

We have got very strong base in Jharkhand and Delhi, and have Lawyers in almost every court of these two places. We do cater to Ranchi High Court, and Supreme Court of India.

If you are poor and need financial help to fight your case, we can also help you with that.

We also help you with local assistance, if you need manpower there

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